Satyamitra Industries has a tie-up with Municipal Corporation in all states where plastic waste is generated in bulk quantity. We have pan-India presence with a wide network of 40+ collection centers managed through numerous collection partners located across India. A majority of our partners boast of more than 20 years of experience in the industry, with well-established connections and a great approach in the nearby areas.

  • Collection
  • Dismanting
  • Data Sanitization
  • Refurbishing


End of life electronic devices and appliances end up taking up space or in landfills. These devices are many times obsolete and some other times rendered unusable due to failure in some component. Disposing them with care ensures that the hazardous materials from these equipment do not harm the environment in any way.

Our mission is to collect, segregate and recycle this e-waste so that it can be reused without any harm to the environment.

We help collect your electronic scraps via our collection centers. Irrespective of the condition of your items, we accept the e-waste and offer you great value for it. Whether it is electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers or electrical appliances such as mixer, etc. we help you collect and dispose it off safely.

Our evaluation centers evaluate the condition of your devices or appliances and derive at a value for your product. We have a very convenient product pick up and drop off policy that enables you to simply place a call and a collection of your e-waste will be arranged.


One of the crucial steps in the e-Waste management process is dismantling. Opening each appliance, separating the housing from the rest, segregating the parts and removing the hazardous components and carefully categorizing other components into marketable fractions is a process that requires careful consideration.

We are specializes in e-waste dismantling process. We process all kinds of electronic equipment from computers, laptops, LCD or LED screens, Televisions, Printers, appliances and lots more. Our process ensures that minimal amount of hazardous materials are emitted to the environment making it eco-friendly and safe. Dismantling is one of the crucial stages as it involves segregating these components into recyclable pieces that can be reused.

  • Manual dismantling of components enables separating the usable from the unusable.
  • Recyclable fractions with viable components are collected
  • Hazardous components and high value components like PCBs are removed and remaining components are sent for mechanical separation.
  • Appliances are dismantled up to a point where further manual separation is not possible and sent for further processing
  • Further separation into pure materials is not possible without mechanical shredding.


E-waste in the country is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 30 percent. Technological pollution has become the major problem of the 21st century. There are ways to combat it and Satymitra Group believes that recycling electronic waste will not only extend its life, but also takes care of a bigger peril of environmental destruction. Out of the 50 million tons of electronic waste that is generated, merely 20% is effectively recycled. Toxic materials like cadmium, lead, lead oxide, antimony, nickel and mercury pollute rivers, seas and the gases that are released pollute the atmosphere.

Satymitra Group ensures responsible disposal of e-waste and ability to lengthen the useful life of electronic devices. Recycling electronic waste is a more viable option than extracting these metals naturally. It is environment friendly too. We help in the collection of the e-waste via our collection centres and also help in extraction and reuse of the elements that can be used in other devices.


IT Assets when disposed need critical handling. Every IT asset in an organization has sensitive data if not destroyed appropriately may lead to legal or financial ramifications. Data breaches due to self-disposal of electronic equipment are also not a viable option for enterprises. Responsible handling of e-waste and data sanitization before physically destroying the equipment is a crucial part of e-waste management.

Satyamirta Group specializes in recycling and reusing electronic equipment after following proper procedures for Data Sanitization. We take data security seriously and IT asset disposition is done only after proper data destruction and following data compliance protocols.

The exponential increase in the turnover of electronic equipment has created a serious global e-waste challenge. This has forced many companies to reconsider their corporate disposal standards, specifically the total destruction option. Protecting their sensitive data and making sure that it is properly processed and is un-retrievable by any means after the equipment no longer exists is what Satyamirta Group aims for.

Our team of experts understand your data protection requirements and go over the available options and based on that design a data disposition solution that addresses your needs.


Using working components from end of life devices helps refurbish devices and give them a longer life. Many materials cannot be recycled – refurbishing is an effective way of creating new products without compromising the quality.

Satyamitra Group specializes in refurbished products with the highest quality and life. Our technology experts analyse the collected e-waste and extract all the quality components that are in good shape and can be reused in other products. We work with all types of equipment and expertly make use of their components to refurbish the best from the rest!

Apart from providing users with the best quality end product, we also ensure that less and less amount of e-waste gets disposed-off without any accountability. We care about the products and their usable life and the wonders they could do if used and reused. We also care about the environment and the harm e-waste could do if left unattended and unaccounted for. We CARE!